SegoviActiva, committed to the Innovation

SegoviActiva commitment to innovation and the development of the technological culture among PYMES as a key factor to increase the productivity and growth. We believe and we empower the renewal and diversification of productive activity, technological progress and economic development. We also participate actively in the Spanish Network of Cities Smart (RECI) as a way to economic progress, social and business of the city through innovation and knowledge.

Closed call to participate in Segovia Open Future_

If you have an innovative project, ask to participate in the project Segovia OpenFuture_

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) began to take shape in June 2011 with the signing of the ‘manifesto for the smart cities. Innovation for progress’. Its commitment is to create an open network to promote economic, social and business progress of cities through innovation and knowledge, based on the Technologies of Information and Communication Technology (TIC).

The Association of Scientific and Technological Parks of Spain (APTE) is a non-profit organization whose main target is to contribute, by means of the promotion and diffusion of the scientific and technological parks, to the renewal and diversification of the productive activity and to the technological progress and to the economic development.

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