FOD Programs

Council of Economic Development, Employment and Innovation. City of Segovia

Training courses for obtaining Certificates of Professionalism

The so-called “FOD Courses” are vocational training actions for employment, in the form of the Offer, aimed primarily at unemployed workers; To promote the acquisition and improvement of professional skills and qualifications.

These courses, mainly aimed at obtaining Certificates of Professionalism, are structured into training modules with their own objectives, content and duration, accompanied by non-work practices in companies in the sector (unpaid); And its main objective is to provide workers, who are primarily unemployed, with training tailored to the needs of the labor market and that meets the requirements of productivity and competitiveness of enterprises and the aspirations of professional promotion and personal development of workers, Training for the skilled performance of the different professions and for access to employment.

These training actions are promoted by the Council of Economic Development, Employment and Innovation of the City of Segovia; Managed and subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León; And financed by the State Public Employment Service.

All persons interested in participating in these training actions must be registered in the Employment Office of the Public Service of Castilla y León.

List of training actions to be carried out in 2016-2017: