Business Incubators

Council of Economic Development, Employment and Innovation. City of Segovia

Consolidation of small businesses

Our main goal is to support the emergence and development of new companies and projects for self-employment, which with its viability, may contribute in economic terms, trade or employment to the development of Segovia. Especially, the Council of Economic Development tries to enable the take-off and consolidation of small businesses and craftsmen, providing them with the appropriate infrastructure and several associated services that contribute to increase the competitive advantages in the early years of creation.


Professional Offices

Space for the business or professional activity, the building has an area of 388 m2 distributed over 4 floors, situated in the center of the city, in the street Arias Dávila 3, former Casa Socorro.In its interior there are 7 professional offices of between 11 and 22 m2, with a subsidized price that ranges between 92 and 194 euros per month.


Trades Workshops in San Lorenzo

Located in the old factory Clears (Alameda del Parral 1) and covering an area of 204 m2, it has 6 trade workshops, with an area of between 31 and 33 m2 and a monthly price of 215 and 241 euros