Council of Economic Development, Employment and Innovation. City of Segovia

Circle of Arts and Technology (CAT)

Circle of the Arts and the Technology (CAT) was created as an initiative of the city council to meet the demand of the citizens and to form the Segovia of the 21st Century.

  • Meeting place for communication of the arts, culture, investigation and technologies.
  • A space where promoting the growth and development of emerging industries, education and investigation of new technologies, keeping the people as a main focus of attention of each and every one of the activities under a framework of sustainability.
  • Promotion Platform of the Knowledge Society through the development of programs and projects related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • A research area able to project activities undertaken at the local level but that provides global solutions.

It is a commitment to research, development and co-creative innovation, as the best way to promote the I+D+I.

CAT has a mission to investigate and spread trends in various areas of digital content, boosting new areas of emerging businesses that promote the creation and development of business activities.

Círculo de las Artes y la Tecnología